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Michael Morrow is a financial advisor and consultant based in Colorado who brings a creative approach to investing for his clients. If he had not found his passion in the financial services industry — achieving financial excellence for his clients and advisors — Michael believes that he would have pursued a life as a travel agent.

Thrill of the Chase

With a passion for traveling, Michael Morrow can frequently be found taking on a plane or cruise ship en route to his next adventure. He is always looking for a new city to visit or experience to enjoy, and he can almost always be found doing it at an incredible price. Michael Morrow has a fervor for securing the best prices for his trips.  

For Michael, traveling is a game, and he enjoys the thrill of chasing down extraordinary deals. Over the years, Michael has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how to secure the best price for your upcoming trip. Whether you are booking a cruise, flight, hotel or other travel accommodation, Michael has a knack for securing the best price.

Travel Philosophy

When Michael Morrow is traveling to a new city or embarking on a cruise, he aims to stay off the beaten path. All of the activities and excursions that Michael and his family enjoy are sourced on his own. This ensures that Michael receives the best price as well as the best service available.

Michael is a major advocate for the sue of alternative forms of transportation, such as uber and peer-to-peer vehicle sharing services. While on the road, these services allow travelers to navigate new cities with great ease. While uber is the top choice for short trips or travel in compact cities, Michael Morrow enjoys using Turo during lengthier adventures. Moreover, Michael is fond of staying in timeshares when traveling with larger groups. As Michael contends, renting a timeshare as opposed to a hotel room can offer much more competitive prices and enjoyable living conditions.

When it comes to traveling, Michael Morrow has a predilection for thinking outside the box. This unique approach has allowed Michael to consistently travel at affordable prices without compromise.

Professional Background

Michael Morrow is the founder of Aspen Creek Wealth Strategies, an independent wealth management firm based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Serving clients and advisors across America, Aspen Creek is focused on the coordination of six areas of wealth management—asset management, credit management, cash flow management, risk management, tax planning and legal planning. Over the course of his career, Michael has consistently received local, regional, national, and international acclaim as a top financial advisor. Michael is a graduate of Texas Wesleyan University, where he earned his degree in Information Resource Management.